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God Bless The USA by American Idols Finalists03/May/2010Marland (Sweden)
Memory by Andrew Lloyd Webber05/May/2010Shamita (United States)
Dundee by Anthem06/May/2010Cynric (Spain)
Leicester by Anthem06/May/2010Cynric (Spain)
Nottingham Forest by Anthem09/May/2010Cynric (Spain)
Rule Britannia by Anthem09/May/2010Cynric (Spain)
Take Me Out To The Ballgame by Anthem09/May/2010Cynric (Spain)
Boca Juniors by Argentina10/May/2010Hale (Colombia)
Old Brave Old Army Team by Army10/May/2010Suvrata (Iran)
Arsene Wengers Magic by Arsenal10/May/2010Suvrata (Iran)
Ashley Cole by Arsenal10/May/2010Suvrata (Iran)
Nigel Winterburn by Arsenal10/May/2010Suvrata (Iran)
One Nil To The Arsenal by Arsenal10/May/2010Elmar (Germany)
Rocky Rocky by Arsenal10/May/2010Herman (Germany)
Theme Tune by Arsenal10/May/2010Herman (Germany)
We Love You Arsenal by Arsenal10/May/2010Herman (Germany)
We Shall Not Be Moved by Arsenal10/May/2010Herman (Germany)
My Old Man Said Be A City... by Aston Villa12/May/2010Scrunches (Canada)
My Old Man by Aston Villa FC12/May/2010Scrunches (Canada)
Three Lions V2 by Baddiel And Skinner29/May/2010Ululani (United Kingdom)
Wear Blue, Wear White by Birmingham FC09/Jun/2010Abha (Austria)
Theme Tune by Blackburn Rovers FC13/Jun/2010Fayina (Canada)
Winter Wonderland by Bolton FC29/Jun/2010Amos (United States)
Run Run by Bolton Wanderers29/Jun/2010Swagat (Japan)
Battle Hymn Of The Republic by Bryan Bowers10/Jul/2010Qabil (United States)
Pepita_Adidas Advert by Calexico19/Jul/2010Bilal (Netherlands)
Those Were The Days by Carrel OConnor And Jean S...22/Jul/2010Cantara (Germany)
Valley Floyd Road by Charlton28/Jul/2010Sanat (Austria)
Blue Flag by Chelsea28/Jul/2010Ketan (Poland)
Blue Is The Colour by Chelsea28/Jul/2010Ketan (Poland)
Theme Tune by Chelsea28/Jul/2010Ketan (Poland)
Glad All Over by Dave Clark (Crystal Palace)17/Sep/2010Pratyush (Switzerland)
Volare by Dean Martin17/Sep/2010Kim (United States)
Celebration by Denvers Special24/Sep/2010Pyrena (Germany)
Baseball Tonight Theme by ESPN10/Oct/2010Raeka (Canada)
God Save The Queen by England21/Oct/2010Eirene (Spain)
Go England by England Boys22/Oct/2010Shailen (United States)
The Great Escape by England National22/Oct/2010Standish (Germany)
Here We Go by Everton26/Oct/2010Sadira (France)
Z Cars by Everton FC26/Oct/2010Vasumati (Canada)
Anthem by FC Barcelona27/Oct/2010Darwin (United Kingdom)
Spain by FC Barcelona-Club Theme27/Oct/2010Darwin (United Kingdom)
Vindaloo by Fat Les30/Oct/2010Madison (Brazil)
World In Motion by Football18/Nov/2010Tarang (Guatemala)
Yellow Submarine by Football18/Nov/2010Barnaby (China)
You Are My Sunshine by Football18/Nov/2010Barnaby (China)
You're Not Winning Anymore by Football19/Nov/2010Barnaby (China)
Who Put The Ball In by Fulham Fc26/Nov/2010Moni (United States)
Paper Roses by Kilmarnock FC03/Mar/2011Marmara (China)
Theme Tune by Leeds10/Mar/2011Yarlagadda (Canada)
When Your Smiling by Leicester FC11/Mar/2011Stanway (Sweden)
You'll Never Walk Alone by Liverpool FC26/Mar/2011tree (United States)
You Are My City by Manchester City FC09/Apr/2011Pankhudi (Canada)
Giggs / Phil Will Tear You Apart by Manchester United09/Apr/2011Pradeepta (Austria)
Glory Glory Man Utd by Manchester United09/Apr/2011Gleda (Philippines)
Nistelrooy by Manchester United09/Apr/2011Gleda (Philippines)
O' Shea by Manchester United12/Apr/2011Gleda (Philippines)
Stretford End Arising by Manchester United12/Apr/2011Gleda (Philippines)
Take Me Home United Road by Manchester United12/Apr/2011Gleda (Philippines)
U.N.I.T.E.D by Manchester United12/Apr/2011Luther (Belgium)
When The Reds Go Marching In by Manchester United12/Apr/2011Bentley (France)
When Johnny Goes Marching Down The Wing by Manchester United FC12/Apr/2011Dale (United States)
That's My Team by NRL Theme02/Jun/2011Esmeralda (United States)
O'Shea V3 by Pete Boyle21/Jul/2011Erzsebet (United States)
Play Up Pompey by Portsmouth02/Aug/2011Loring (Australia)
World In Union by Rugby Union06/Sep/2011Salim (Canada)
Que Sera Sera by Southampton FC12/Oct/2011Maitland (France)
Hell Frozen Over by Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme18/Oct/2011Montgomery (France)
Harlem Globetrotter's Theme Song by Sweet Georgia Brown24/Oct/2011Kit (Canada)
The Rock by Theme03/Dec/2011Miss. Cali Sunshine (United States)
Dreams by Tottenham Hotspurs FC08/Dec/2011Alcina (Indonesia)
NFL On Fox by Unknown26/Dec/2011Nicholas (Germany)
Big Bossman by WWE30/Jan/2012Hamal (Austria)
Big Show by WWE30/Jan/2012Hamal (Austria)
Brett Hart by WWE30/Jan/2012Hamal (Austria)
British Bulldog by WWE30/Jan/2012Hamal (Austria)
Hulk Hogan by WWE30/Jan/2012Watson (Romania)
Kane by WWE30/Jan/2012Watson (Romania)
Ken Shamrock by WWE30/Jan/2012Watson (Romania)
The Rock V2 by WWE04/Feb/2012Aramis (United States)
Triple H by WWE04/Feb/2012Tamali (Canada)
Bret Hart by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Norbert (France)
British Bulldog by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Else (Hungary)
Degneration X by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Nandita (Mexico)
Goldust by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Nandita (Mexico)
Machoman by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Nandita (Mexico)
Mankind by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Titania (United States)
Mr Perfect by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Titania (United States)
Owen Hart by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Titania (United States)
Rowdy Roddy Piper by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Titania (United States)
Undertaker by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Titania (United States)
Yokozuna by WWE Theme04/Feb/2012Titania (United States)
Pac by WWE Theme-X04/Feb/2012Hanne (Germany)
Liquidator by Wolverhampton Wonderers FC17/Feb/2012Sabirah (United States)

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