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RingtoneDate AddedAdded by
All Mixed Up by 31106/Apr/2010Anita (France)
Down by 31106/Apr/2010Anita (France)
Here Without You by 3Doors Down06/Apr/2010Siddharth (South Africa)
Come On England by 4 4 206/Apr/2010Evangelina (United States)
U Dont Know by 70216/Apr/2010Ila (Finland)
Back In Black by ACDC17/Apr/2010BABY BUGGA-B00 (Spain)
Big Gun by ACDC17/Apr/2010BABY BUGGA-B00 (Spain)
For Those About To Rock by ACDC17/Apr/2010Jonina (Canada)
Hard As A Rock by ACDC17/Apr/2010Handsome (Canada)
Highway To Hell by ACDC17/Apr/2010Hemangini (Italy)
Money Talks by ACDC17/Apr/2010Yateen (Russian Federation)
TNT by ACDC17/Apr/2010Yateen (Russian Federation)
That's The Way I Want To Rock and Roll by ACDC17/Apr/2010Yateen (Russian Federation)
Thunderstruck by ACDC17/Apr/2010Yateen (Russian Federation)
Who Made Who by ACDC17/Apr/2010Yateen (Russian Federation)
Whole Lotta Rosie by ACDC17/Apr/2010Yateen (Russian Federation)
You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC17/Apr/2010Paxton (United States)
Girls Not Grey by AFI17/Apr/2010Luella (United States)
Silver And Cold by AFI17/Apr/2010sexypoohbie (Turkey)
The Leaving Song Pt. 2 by AFI18/Apr/2010Shannon (Germany)
Friend Or Foe by Adam Ant27/Apr/2010Tariq (Canada)
Amazing by Aerosmith27/Apr/2010Neysa (Japan)
Crazy by Aerosmith27/Apr/2010Manju (Romania)
Dream On by Aerosmith27/Apr/2010Girish (Canada)
Jaded by Aerosmith27/Apr/2010Girish (Canada)
Janies Got A Gun by Aerosmith27/Apr/2010Girish (Canada)
Walk This Way by Aerosmith27/Apr/2010Girish (Canada)
Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm01/May/2010Honey Chocolate Bear (Spain)
Radio by Alkaline Trio01/May/2010Honey Chocolate Bear (Spain)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys10/May/2010Lola (Canada)
When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys10/May/2010Barbara (United Kingdom)
Starcrossed by Ash10/May/2010Shanessa (France)
Boys Of Summer by Ataris12/May/2010Scrunches (Canada)
Half Light by Athlete12/May/2010Scrunches (Canada)
Cochise by Audioslave12/May/2010Felicite (France)
Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne13/May/2010Sugriva (Germany)
Don't Tell Me by Avril Lavigne16/May/2010Ridgley (France)
He Wasn't by Avril Lavigne16/May/2010Fergus (Netherlands)
I'm With You by Avril Lavigne16/May/2010Zelda (United States)
Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne18/May/2010Love Monkey (Canada)
Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne18/May/2010Kiddo (Germany)
Killamangiro by Baby Shambles29/May/2010Zenia (United States)
Albion by Babyshambles29/May/2010Orane (Switzerland)
Wheres Your Head At by Basement Jaxx01/Jun/2010Jibril (Germany)
Fight For Your Right by Beastie Boys03/Jun/2010Morgance (France)
Wheres It At by Beastie Boys03/Jun/2010Morgance (France)
Oh So Quiet by Bjork09/Jun/2010Stacia (United States)
Action (New Song) by Blink 18216/Jun/2010Abbott (France)
Adams Song by Blink 18216/Jun/2010Abbott (France)
Adams Song V2 by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Abbott (France)
All The Small Things by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Lyre (France)
All The Small Things V2 by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Short Stuff (France)
All The Small Things V3 by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Short Stuff (France)
Anthem by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Short Stuff (France)
Anthem Part 2 by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Short Stuff (France)
Carousel by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Short Stuff (France)
Dammit by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Short Stuff (France)
Dick Lips by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Jafar (France)
Dumpweed by Blink 18218/Jun/2010Fluffy Bunny (United States)
Every Time I Look For You by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Love Dove (Italy)
Feeling This by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Belladonna (Canada)
First Date by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Puranjay (Netherlands)
Give Me One Good Reason by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Sherlock (Russian Federation)
I Miss You by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Yogi (United Kingdom)
I Wont Be Home For Christmas by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Kartik (Ukraine)
Josie by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Kartik (Ukraine)
Man Overboard by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Visvakarman (United States)
Mutt by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Jarlath (Australia)
Pathetic by Blink 18221/Jun/2010Lexine (France)
Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Blink 18223/Jun/2010Lexine (France)
Stay Together For The Kids by Blink 18226/Jun/2010Tiponya (Germany)
Stay Together For The Kids V2 by Blink 18226/Jun/2010Mandisa (Austria)
Wendy Clear by Blink 18226/Jun/2010Mandisa (Austria)
What Went Wrong by Blink 18226/Jun/2010Mandisa (Austria)
Whats My Age Again by Blink 18228/Jun/2010Mandisa (Austria)
Whats My Age Again V2 by Blink 18228/Jun/2010Eldoris (United Kingdom)
Whats My Age Again V3 by Blink 18228/Jun/2010Eldoris (United Kingdom)
Crazy Beat by Blur28/Jun/2010Akaash (Turkey)
Out Of Time by Blur28/Jun/2010SWEET HONEY BOO (United States)
Song 2 by Blur28/Jun/2010Zelig (Canada)
All About Lovin' You by Bon Jovi01/Jul/2010Averill (France)
Blaze Of Glory by Bon Jovi01/Jul/2010Averill (France)
Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi01/Jul/2010Averill (France)
Livin On A Prayer by Bon Jovi01/Jul/2010Averill (France)
Letters To God by Box Car Racer04/Jul/2010Unaiza (Germany)
3am by Busted18/Jul/2010Roth (China)
Crashed The Wedding by Busted18/Jul/2010Dharmista (United States)
She Wants To Be Me by Busted18/Jul/2010Amita (United States)
Sleeping With The Light On by Busted18/Jul/2010Wayland (France)
Thunderbirds by Busted18/Jul/2010Wayland (France)
Who's David by Busted18/Jul/2010Wayland (France)
Year 3000 by Busted18/Jul/2010Wayland (France)
You Said No by Busted18/Jul/2010Wayland (France)
96 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY19/Jul/2010Cressida (Canada)
The Golden Path by Chemical Brothers28/Jul/2010Ketan (Poland)
Fix You by Coldplay10/Aug/2010Esperanza (Belgium)
Mr. Jones by Counting Crows16/Aug/2010Anjana (Greece)
Zombie by Cranberries18/Aug/2010Niramitra (Czech Republic)
Arms Wide Open by Creed19/Aug/2010Verity (United States)
My Own Prison by Creed19/Aug/2010Fulton (United States)
My Sacrafice by Creed19/Aug/2010Fulton (United States)
One Last Breath by Creed19/Aug/2010Kabir (Canada)
Bohemian Like You by Dandy Warhols13/Sep/2010Kripa (France)
You Where The Last High by Dandy Warhols13/Sep/2010Kripa (France)
The One I Love by David Gray17/Sep/2010Skyla (United States)
Bloody On Our Hands by Dead From Above 197917/Sep/2010Bradley (France)
Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple19/Sep/2010Manik (United States)
Smoke On Water by Deep Purple19/Sep/2010Manik (United States)
Armaggedon by Def Lepard20/Sep/2010Vidvan (United Kingdom)
Minerva by Deftones20/Sep/2010Vidvan (United Kingdom)
Money For Nothing by Dire Straits03/Oct/2010Acantha (Russian Federation)
Money For Nothing V2 by Dire Straits03/Oct/2010Acantha (Russian Federation)
Liberate by Disturbed03/Oct/2010Charan (United States)
Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley15/Oct/2010Bunny (Czech Republic)
Ashes by Embrace15/Oct/2010Preston (Denmark)
Final Countdown by Europe25/Oct/2010Hugh (France)
Going Under by Evanescence25/Oct/2010Hugh (France)
Going Under V2 by Evanescence25/Oct/2010Krunal (France)
Hello by Evanescence25/Oct/2010Hemendra (Italy)
Imaginary by Evanescence26/Oct/2010Hemendra (Italy)
Taking Over Me by Evanescence26/Oct/2010Sadira (France)
Tourniquet by Evanescence26/Oct/2010Sadira (France)
Find The Colour by Feeder01/Nov/2010Patia (Japan)
Forget About Tommorow by Feeder01/Nov/2010bubble butt (Italy)
Forget About Tomorrow by Feeder01/Nov/2010bubble butt (Italy)
Just A Day by Feeder01/Nov/2010Gul (United States)
Fight Test by Flaming Lips15/Nov/2010Nika (Sweden)
The Chain by Fleetwood Mac15/Nov/2010Panda (or Panda Bear) (Japan)
Big Me by Foo Fighters16/Nov/2010Pooh (United States)
Everlong by Foo Fighters18/Nov/2010Baby Dip (Russian Federation)
For All My Cows by Foo Fighters18/Nov/2010SNUFFY WUFFY (Spain)
My Hero by Foo Fighters18/Nov/2010Nika (Sweden)
Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand21/Nov/2010Mesha (United States)
Walk Away by Franz Ferdinand23/Nov/2010Jocelyn (United States)
Baby Goodbye by Friday Hill26/Nov/2010Ghislaine (Romania)
You Dropped The Bomb by Gap Band29/Nov/2010Zethel (United States)
Why Do You Love Me by Garbage29/Nov/2010Durjaya (Austria)
I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw29/Nov/2010Halian (Spain)
Till I Hear It From You by Gin Blossoms30/Nov/2010Sriram (Canada)
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous by Good Charlotte06/Dec/2010Tarang (Guatemala)
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (35 sec.) by Good Charlotte06/Dec/2010Lily pad (United Kingdom)
Predictable by Good Charlotte06/Dec/2010Laoghaire (Russian Federation)
The Anthem by Good Charlotte06/Dec/2010Yalamanchi (United States)
The Anthem V2 by Good Charlotte06/Dec/2010Burt (United States)
The Anthem V3 by Good Charlotte06/Dec/2010Tugdual (Brazil)
The Young And The Hopeless by Good Charlotte07/Dec/2010Moira (Sri Lanka)
19-2000 by Gorillaz07/Dec/2010Gresham (United States)
Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz07/Dec/2010Radella (Germany)
Freakin Out by Graham Coxon07/Dec/2010Manjari (Germany)
86 by Green Day07/Dec/2010Bunnie! (Norway)
American Idiot by Green Day07/Dec/2010Jelly Baby (United States)
Basket Case by Green Day07/Dec/2010Dickinson (United States)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day07/Dec/2010Momo (Netherlands)
Time Of Your Life by Green Day07/Dec/2010Babe (Netherlands)
Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day07/Dec/2010Shawn (Romania)
All By Myself by Greenday07/Dec/2010Shawn (Romania)
Basket Case by Greenday10/Dec/2010Shawn (Romania)
Brainstew by Greenday10/Dec/2010Shawn (Romania)
Hitchin A Ride by Greenday10/Dec/2010Shawn (Romania)
Holiday by Greenday12/Dec/2010Brent (Canada)
Jaded by Greenday12/Dec/2010Aida (Austria)
Welcome To Paradise by Greenday12/Dec/2010Rutherford (United States)
When I Come Around by Greenday12/Dec/2010Pundarik (Belgium)
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns 'N' Roses12/Dec/2010Pundarik (Belgium)
Civil War by Guns N Roses12/Dec/2010Reed (France)
Dont Cry by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Sweet Tart (Australia)
Estranged by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Levi (Canada)
Knocking On Heavens Door by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Unaiza (Germany)
Live And Let Die by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Hahn (Canada)
November Rain by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Hahn (Canada)
Sweet Child Of Mine [Fixed] by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Hahn (Canada)
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses13/Dec/2010Jelena (United States)
Buried Alive By Love by HIM13/Dec/2010Ubaid (China)
The Funeral Of Hearts by HIM13/Dec/2010Ubaid (China)
Wings Of A Butterfly by HIM13/Dec/2010Ubaid (China)
Cash Machine by Hard Fi19/Dec/2010Cole (Canada)
Always And Forever by Heatwave22/Dec/2010Prabha (Denmark)
Trogdor by Homestar Runner25/Dec/2010Alice (United States)
Disappear by Hoobastank25/Dec/2010Alice (United States)
The Reason by Hoobastank25/Dec/2010Alice (United States)
I Like Girls by Hound Dogs28/Dec/2010Araminta (Ukraine)
Love Steals Us From Loneliness by Idlewild31/Dec/2010Durmada (United States)
Cmere by Interpol31/Dec/2010Jilly Bean (France)
Aces by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Nell (Argentina)
Aces V2 by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Nell (Argentina)
Afraid To Strangers by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Nell (Argentina)
Futureal by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Amisha (United States)
Halo Wed By The Name by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Elkan (Switzerland)
Mumber Of The Beast by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Suruchi (Netherlands)
Powerslave by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Prema (United Kingdom)
The Clairvoyant by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Narsi (Spain)
Trooper by Iron Maiden01/Jan/2011Narsi (Spain)
Two Minutes To Midnight by Iron Maiden02/Jan/2011Narsi (Spain)
Wasted Years by Iron Maiden02/Jan/2011Narsi (Spain)
Wildest Dream by Iron Maiden02/Jan/2011Kai (France)
WrathChild by Iron Maiden02/Jan/2011Asha (United States)
Breakdown by Jack Johnson05/Jan/2011Aleshanee (United States)
Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt06/Jan/2011Roslin (China)
Bye Bye Boy by Jennifer Ellison23/Jan/2011Calliope (China)
Along The Watch Towers by Jimi Hendrix28/Jan/2011Niju (United States)
Castle Made Of Sand by Jimi Hendrix28/Jan/2011Melanctha (United States)
Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix31/Jan/2011Naia (Italy)
Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix01/Feb/2011Lyndon (Austria)
Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix01/Feb/2011Leron (Portugal)
Purple Haze V2 by Jimi Hendrix01/Feb/2011Wanda (Poland)
I Love Rock And Roll by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts02/Feb/2011Teague (France)
Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez08/Feb/2011Sheridon (Germany)
Pain Killer by Judas Priest08/Feb/2011Russell (United States)
Other Side Of The World by K T Tunstall12/Feb/2011Petrina (United States)
Suddenly I See by K T Tunstall12/Feb/2011Hayes (Italy)
Under The Weather by K T Tunstall12/Feb/2011Dristi (Austria)
I Predict A Riot by Kaiser Chiefs16/Feb/2011Sarai (France)
Modern Way by Kaiser Chiefs16/Feb/2011Sarai (France)
Oh My God by Kaiser Chiefs16/Feb/2011Faye (Poland)
Cry by Kealer18/Feb/2011Lander (Greece)
Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson21/Feb/2011Garrick (France)
Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson22/Feb/2011Ranjana (Italy)
One Word by Kelly Osbourne22/Feb/2011Ranjana (Italy)
American Bad Ass by Kid Rock28/Feb/2011Marmara (China)
Lick It Up by Kiss06/Mar/2011Tab (United States)
Adidas by Korn06/Mar/2011Nishtha (Canada)
Did My Time by Korn06/Mar/2011Visvajit (Kenya)
No Place To Hide by Korn06/Mar/2011Visvajit (Kenya)
The Model by Kraftwerk06/Mar/2011Bari (Croatia)
Addicted To Love by Lenny Kravitz11/Mar/2011Layna (France)
American Woman by Lenny Kravitz11/Mar/2011Layna (France)
Believe In Me by Lenny Kravitz11/Mar/2011Layna (France)
Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz11/Mar/2011Layna (France)
My United States Of Whatever by Liam Lynch16/Mar/2011Uh-Huh (China)
What Became Of The Likely Lads by Libertines16/Mar/2011Erlina (Iran)
Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit22/Mar/2011Shannelle (United States)
Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit22/Mar/2011Shannelle (United States)
Faith by Limp Bizkit23/Mar/2011Merrill (United States)
MI2 Theme by Limp Bizkit23/Mar/2011Merrill (United States)
N2gether Now by Limp Bizkit23/Mar/2011Merrill (United States)
Rollin' by Limp Bizkit23/Mar/2011Merrill (United States)
Breaking The Habbit by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Chay (United States)
Crawling by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Ena (Sweden)
Faint by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Giacinta (United States)
From The Inside by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Faraji (Canada)
In The End by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Kanan (Canada)
Numb by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Sorano (France)
Paper Cut by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Jolie (United States)
Place For Your Head by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Hermelinda (Algeria)
Points Of Authority by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Pebbles (Sweden)
Runaway by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Unwin (Australia)
Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Unwin (Australia)
With You by Linkin Park23/Mar/2011Unwin (Australia)
My Own Worst Enemy by Lit26/Mar/2011Colton (United States)
Design For Life by Manic Street Preachers12/Apr/2011Xylona (France)
If You Tolerate This by Manic Street Preachers12/Apr/2011Bastiaan (Canada)
You Stole The Sun From My Heart by Manic Street Preachers12/Apr/2011Nihar (United States)
Mobscene by Marilyn Manson17/Apr/2011Akaash (Turkey)
Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson17/Apr/2011Akaash (Turkey)
Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson17/Apr/2011Akaash (Turkey)
The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson17/Apr/2011Hesper (Canada)
Bright Lights by Matchbox 2025/Apr/2011Shantah (Norway)
Unwell by Matchbox Twenty25/Apr/2011Shantah (Norway)
Obviously by McFly29/Apr/2011Harshita (United States)
Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf01/May/2011Cullen (Japan)
Battery by Metallica07/May/2011Dancey Pants (Denmark)
Creeping Death by Metallica07/May/2011Malu (Australia)
Enter Sandman by Metallica07/May/2011North (Pakistan)
Fade To Black by Metallica07/May/2011Vinata (Austria)
Fuel by Metallica07/May/2011Jana (Israel)
Hero Of The Day by Metallica07/May/2011Jana (Israel)
I Disappear by Metallica07/May/2011Jana (Israel)
Master Of Puppets by Metallica07/May/2011Jana (Israel)
Memory Remains by Metallica07/May/2011Jana (Israel)
Nothing Else Matters by Metallica07/May/2011Nicodemus (France)
Of Wolf And Man by Metallica07/May/2011Narayana (France)
One (intro) by Metallica07/May/2011Penina (Ukraine)
Saint Anger by Metallica07/May/2011Charles (United States)
Unforgiven by Metallica07/May/2011Charles (United States)
Where Ever I May Roam by Metallica07/May/2011Charles (United States)
Whiskey In The Jar by Metallica07/May/2011Charles (United States)
One More Chance by Michael Jackson10/May/2011Eloise (Finland)
Can You Dig It (Vodafone Live! Advert) by Mock Turtles20/May/2011Charlotte (Australia)
Irish Blood English Heart by Morrissey20/May/2011Fayme (Sweden)
Time Is Running Out by Muse25/May/2011Jedidiah (Finland)
Helena by My Chemical Romance25/May/2011Juana (Poland)
Alas Agnes by Mystery Jets26/May/2011Kush (France)
Hit Or Miss by New Found Glory11/Jun/2011iCEE (Hungary)
Krafty by New Order11/Jun/2011Kaliska (Spain)
How U Remind Me by Nickelback14/Jun/2011Panthea (Canada)
Someday by Nickelback14/Jun/2011Panthea (Canada)
Someday V2 by Nickleback14/Jun/2011Panthea (Canada)
Come As You Are by Nirvana14/Jun/2011Sofronio (Australia)
Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana14/Jun/2011BUTTER & TOAST (Canada)
Lithium by Nirvana14/Jun/2011Selene (Spain)
Love Buzz by Nirvana14/Jun/2011amor (United States)
Silver by Nirvana15/Jun/2011Panos (Sweden)
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana15/Jun/2011Panos (Sweden)
Smells Like Teen Spirit V2 by Nirvana15/Jun/2011Panos (Sweden)
Stay Away by Nirvana15/Jun/2011Panos (Sweden)
Lock Up Your Daughters by Noise Next Door18/Jun/2011Pramsu (Poland)
Champagne Supernova by Oasis05/Jul/2011Alexander (Spain)
Dont Look Back In Anger by Oasis05/Jul/2011Alexander (Spain)
Layla by Oasis05/Jul/2011Alexander (Spain)
Let There Be Love by Oasis05/Jul/2011Goldie (United States)
Little By Little by Oasis05/Jul/2011Goldie (United States)
Master Plan by Oasis07/Jul/2011Goldie (United States)
Roll With It by Oasis07/Jul/2011Goldie (United States)
Shes Electric by Oasis07/Jul/2011Goldie (United States)
Supersonic by Oasis07/Jul/2011Kaie (Canada)
The Importance Of Being Idle by Oasis07/Jul/2011Sahiba (Russian Federation)
What Ever by Oasis07/Jul/2011Gautam (Argentina)
Come Out And Play by Offspring07/Jul/2011Samara (Canada)
Dirty Magic by Offspring07/Jul/2011Sanjog (Spain)
Gone Away by Offspring07/Jul/2011Sanjog (Spain)
Hit That by Offspring08/Jul/2011Osbert (Germany)
I Choose (Version 1) by Offspring08/Jul/2011Swagat (Japan)
I Choose (Version 2) by Offspring08/Jul/2011Berenger (Germany)
Mota by Offspring08/Jul/2011Berry Kiss (Norway)
Pretty Fly For A White Guy by Offspring08/Jul/2011Leala (United States)
Vultures by Offspring08/Jul/2011Leala (United States)
Talk Talk Talk by Ordinary Boys10/Jul/2011Thisbe (United States)
Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne10/Jul/2011Mihaly (Germany)
Dreamer by Ozzy Osbourne10/Jul/2011Princess (Germany)
Iron Man by Ozzy Osbourne10/Jul/2011Princess (Germany)
Shot In The Dark by Ozzy Osbourne10/Jul/2011Princess (Germany)
Bad Boys For Life by P Diddy10/Jul/2011Princess (Germany)
Youth Of A Nation [SMS Alert] by P.O.D13/Jul/2011Ranger (United Kingdom)
5 Minutes Alone by Pantera15/Jul/2011Electra (Honduras)
Cemetery Gates by Pantera15/Jul/2011Electra (Honduras)
Cowboys from Hell by Pantera15/Jul/2011Electra (Honduras)
Fucking Hostile by Pantera15/Jul/2011Electra (Honduras)
Im Broken by Pantera15/Jul/2011Theobold (Finland)
Mouth For War by Pantera15/Jul/2011Belle (Sweden)
Walk by Pantera15/Jul/2011Belle (Sweden)
Between Angels And Insects by Papa Roach15/Jul/2011Belle (Sweden)
Last Resort by Papa Roach15/Jul/2011Ryoichi (United Kingdom)
Here's The Good News by Paul Weller18/Jul/2011Sonakshi (Canada)
California by Phantom Planet21/Jul/2011Rush (United States)
Get This Party Started by Pink23/Jul/2011chief big thoughts (Poland)
Last To Know by Pink23/Jul/2011Sherwood (Canada)
Trouble by Pink23/Jul/2011Becky (United States)
Comfortable by Pink Floyd23/Jul/2011Becky (United States)
Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison02/Aug/2011Nishtha (Canada)
Blurry by Puddle Of Mud02/Aug/2011Zefirino (India)
She Hates Me by Puddle Of Mudd04/Aug/2011Despina (Sweden)
Another One Bites The Dust by Queen05/Aug/2011Tigger (Slovakia)
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen05/Aug/2011Niranjan (France)
We Are The Champions by Queen05/Aug/2011Asenka (Greece)
We Will Rock You by Queen06/Aug/2011Courtney (Canada)
Creep by Radio Head09/Aug/2011Nassir (Belgium)
Karma Police by Radio Head09/Aug/2011Carlisle (Germany)
There, There by Radio Head09/Aug/2011Alethea (United States)
2 + 2 = 5 by Radiohead09/Aug/2011Rumiko (Czech Republic)
Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine09/Aug/2011Urian (United States)
Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine09/Aug/2011Keary (United States)
Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine09/Aug/2011Keary (United States)
Wake Up V2 by Rage Against The Machine10/Aug/2011Keary (United States)
Asche zu Asche by Rammstein10/Aug/2011Shane (Romania)
I Wanna Be Selected by Ramones10/Aug/2011Jayvyn (Australia)
Engel by Ramstein10/Aug/2011Iris (Poland)
Links 2-3-4 by Ramstein12/Aug/2011Iris (Poland)
Mein Herz Brennt by Ramstein12/Aug/2011Iris (Poland)
Ruby Soho by Rancid12/Aug/2011Owen (Russian Federation)
Ruby Soho (Smaller) by Rancid12/Aug/2011Melvin (Switzerland)
In The Shadows by Rasmus12/Aug/2011Tori (Canada)
Somewhere Else by Razorlight12/Aug/2011Nina (Belgium)
Abandon by Reckless12/Aug/2011Thalia (Germany)
By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers12/Aug/2011BUDDY (Canada)
By The Way V2 by Red Hot Chili Peppers14/Aug/2011Abira (Italy)
Universally Speaking by Red Hot Chili Peppers17/Aug/2011Abira (Italy)
Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers17/Aug/2011Abira (Italy)
Cant Stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers17/Aug/2011Abira (Italy)
Fortune Faded by Red Hot Chilli Peppers17/Aug/2011Abira (Italy)
Higher Ground by Red Hot Chilli Peppers17/Aug/2011Abira (Italy)
Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers17/Aug/2011Druti (Spain)
Universally Speaking V2 by Red Hot Chilli Peppers17/Aug/2011Druti (Spain)
Break The Night With Colour by Richard Ashcroft20/Aug/2011Divyesh (Italy)
Dragula by Rob Zombie24/Aug/2011George (United States)
Cant Get No Satisfaction by Rolling Stones30/Aug/2011Zoilo (Spain)
Broken by Seether Ft Amy Lee21/Sep/2011Indu (Spain)
Broken [Nokia] by Seether Ft Amy Lee21/Sep/2011Cora (Czech Republic)
Never Felt Like This Before by Shaznay Lewis28/Sep/2011Free (United States)
What You Need by Sinead Quinn03/Oct/2011Cyril (China)
Raining Blood by Slayer03/Oct/2011Ayushi (United States)
Duality by Slipknot03/Oct/2011Ayushi (United States)
All Star by Smash Mouth03/Oct/2011Gwendolyn (Brazil)
Ticket Outta Loserville by Son Of Dork09/Oct/2011Halima (Norway)
Can't Turn Back by Speedway13/Oct/2011Orson (United States)
Genie In A Bottle by Speedway13/Oct/2011Orson (United States)
Silence Is Easy by Starsailor16/Oct/2011bae =) (Germany)
Madame Helga by Stereophonics16/Oct/2011Yarlagadda (Canada)
Moviestar by Stereophonics16/Oct/2011crush (Canada)
Superman by Stereophonics16/Oct/2011Madhul (Philippines)
Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram16/Oct/2011Hem (Puerto Rico)
Dakota by Sterophonics16/Oct/2011Melvina (France)
Copperhead Road by Steve Earle18/Oct/2011Melvina (France)
Fools Gold by Stone Roses18/Oct/2011Abram (Argentina)
Wrong Way by Sublime18/Oct/2011Con (France)
Fatlip by Sum4121/Oct/2011Skye (United States)
In Too Deep by Sum4121/Oct/2011Skye (United States)
Arials by System Of A Down24/Oct/2011Trevor (United States)
Chop Suey by System Of A Down24/Oct/2011Trevor (United States)
Toxicity (Outro) by System Of A Down24/Oct/2011Trevor (United States)
Tribute by Tenacious D03/Nov/2011Orenda (Sweden)
Do It With Madonna by The Androids07/Nov/2011Niral (Germany)
Honest Mistake by The Bravery07/Nov/2011Shantay (France)
Jerk It Out by The Caesars07/Nov/2011Shantay (France)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash07/Nov/2011Smith (Canada)
Dreaming Of You by The Coral07/Nov/2011Herman (Germany)
In The Morning by The Coral09/Nov/2011Halona (United States)
You're Gonna Lose Us by The Cribs09/Nov/2011Lizzie (United States)
I Believe In A Thing Called Love V2 by The DarkNess09/Nov/2011Lizzie (United States)
Growing On Me by The Darkness09/Nov/2011Lizzie (United States)
I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness09/Nov/2011Zinaida (Spain)
Love Is Only A Feeling by The Darkness09/Nov/2011Saundarya (China)
Love Is Only A Feeling v2 by The Darkness09/Nov/2011Queen (Argentina)
One Way Ticket by The Darkness09/Nov/2011Miyoko (Denmark)
Nearer Than Heaven by The Delays09/Nov/2011Davine (United States)
Snowdon by The Doves09/Nov/2011Neel (South Africa)
Kiss On The Lips by The Dualers09/Nov/2011Neel (South Africa)
Munich by The Editors09/Nov/2011Neel (South Africa)
Area by The Futureheads12/Nov/2011Neel (South Africa)
Two Timings Touch And Broken Bones by The Hives12/Nov/2011honey bunch (Finland)
Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers12/Nov/2011honey bunch (Finland)
You Dont Love Me by The Kooks12/Nov/2011honey bunch (Finland)
Genocide by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Gredel (Hungary)
Original Prankster by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Widjan (Australia)
Self Esteem by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Mahima (United States)
Shes Got Issues by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Israel (Canada)
The Kids Arent Alright by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Naresh (United States)
Walla Walla by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Naresh (United States)
Way Down The Line by The Offspring15/Nov/2011Naresh (United States)
Music Reach by The Prodigy18/Nov/2011Sashenka (France)
Walls Of Jericho by The Prodigy18/Nov/2011Kadija (Japan)
Tears In Heaven by The Quireboys18/Nov/2011Kezia (Turkey)
Guilty by The Rasmus18/Nov/2011Yan (United States)
No Fear by The Rasmus18/Nov/2011Yan (United States)
Rain Fall Down by The Rolling Stones18/Nov/2011Yan (United States)
Streets Of Love by The Rolling Stones21/Nov/2011Yan (United States)
You Got Me by The Roots21/Nov/2011Yan (United States)
Liquidator by The Specials21/Nov/2011beast (Hungary)
Devil by The Stereophonics22/Nov/2011beast (Hungary)
Fit But You Know It by The Streets25/Nov/2011beast (Hungary)
Juicebox by The Strokes25/Nov/2011Gilbert (Netherlands)
Last Night by The Strokes25/Nov/2011Nishad (New Zealand)
Reptillia by The Strokes25/Nov/2011Bree (Italy)
Someday by The Strokes25/Nov/2011Ximen (United States)
Turning Japanese by The Vapors25/Nov/2011Dermot (Canada)
Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve25/Nov/2011Rose (Canada)
Bitter Sweet Symphony V2 by The Verve25/Nov/2011Alphonse (United States)
Bitter Sweet Symphony V3 by The Verve25/Nov/2011Alphonse (United States)
Lucky Man by The Verve25/Nov/2011Alphonse (United States)
The Drugs Dont Work by The Verve28/Nov/2011Alphonse (United States)
7 Nation Army by The White Stripes28/Nov/2011Alphonse (United States)
I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself by The White Stripes29/Nov/2011Chike (United States)
Jolene by The White Stripes29/Nov/2011Kabos (Canada)
The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy04/Dec/2011Jean (Poland)
Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis08/Dec/2011Vivek (Canada)
Born In England by Twisted X17/Dec/2011Yemena (United States)
Beautiful Day by U217/Dec/2011Corliss (France)
With Or Without Me by U217/Dec/2011Zaza (Czech Republic)
Beverly Hills by Weezer09/Feb/2012Mesha (United States)
Buddy Holly by Weezer09/Feb/2012Treva (France)
Undone (Sweater Song) by Weezer09/Feb/2012Cheney (United States)
A Little Respect by Wheatus12/Feb/2012Amrit (United Kingdom)
Dead Leaves by White Stripes12/Feb/2012Uh-Huh (China)
Fell In Love With A Girl by White Stripes12/Feb/2012sweetie (United States)

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