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The Magic Roundabout by Alain Legrand29/Apr/2010Calista (Germany)
'He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)' by Alice Cooper30/Apr/2010SPEEDY (Canada)
BBC Cricket Theme by BBC23/May/2010Yoko (Germany)
Grandstand by BBC23/May/2010Yoko (Germany)
Grandstand (With Bassline) by BBC23/May/2010Yoko (Germany)
Match Of The Day (Version 1) by BBC23/May/2010Alima (United States)
Match Of The Day (Version 2) by BBC24/May/2010Ubadah (France)
Benny Hill Theme by Benny Hill04/Jun/2010HunnyBear (United States)
Film Theme by Beverly Hills Cop (Axel F)04/Jun/2010Chapal (Canada)
TV Theme by Big Breakfast 199706/Jun/2010Saryu (Canada)
L Uomo Tigre by Cartoon22/Jul/2010Cantara (Germany)
Hall Of The Mountain King (Alton Towers Theme) by Edvard Grieg12/Oct/2010Caedmon (Italy)
Matrix Reloaded Theme by Enigma22/Oct/2010Standish (Germany)
Thunderbirds by FAB26/Oct/2010Roldan (Spain)
Ace Ventura by Film01/Nov/2010Zaccheo (Canada)
Against All odds by Film02/Nov/2010Radhika (Italy)
An Officer And A Gentleman by Film04/Nov/2010Radhika (Italy)
Armaggedon by Film04/Nov/2010Radhika (Italy)
Beetle Juice by Film04/Nov/2010Radhika (Italy)
Bladerunner by Film04/Nov/2010Radhika (Italy)
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory by Film04/Nov/2010Richard (Czech Republic)
Dances With Wolves by Film04/Nov/2010Esteban (Japan)
E.T by Film04/Nov/2010Esteban (Japan)
Edward Scissorhands by Film04/Nov/2010Esteban (Japan)
Evita by Film05/Nov/2010Esteban (Japan)
Forrest Gump by Film05/Nov/2010Esteban (Japan)
George Of The Jungle by Film05/Nov/2010Esteban (Japan)
Grease by Film05/Nov/2010Bambam (United States)
Harry Potter by Film05/Nov/2010Brishen (United States)
Jurrasic Park by Film05/Nov/2010Brishen (United States)
License To Kill by Film05/Nov/2010Stanford (India)
Matchmaker by Film08/Nov/2010Stanford (India)
My Girl by Film08/Nov/2010Stanford (India)
Naked Gun by Film08/Nov/2010Stanford (India)
Natural Born Killers by Film08/Nov/2010Stanford (India)
Pulp Fiction by Film08/Nov/2010Shika (United States)
Romeo And Juliet by Film08/Nov/2010Shika (United States)
Scarface by Film08/Nov/2010Shika (United States)
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly by Film08/Nov/2010Prabhakar (Italy)
Toy Story by Film08/Nov/2010Prabhakar (Italy)
Untouchables by Film08/Nov/2010Callidora (United States)
What Is Love by Film08/Nov/2010Alala (United Kingdom)
Back To The Future by Film Theme08/Nov/2010Alala (United Kingdom)
Beverly Hills Cop V2 by Film Theme08/Nov/2010Alala (United Kingdom)
Charriotts Of Fire by Film Theme08/Nov/2010Alala (United Kingdom)
Great Escape V3 by Film Theme08/Nov/2010Lina (United States)
Harry Potter V2 by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Amethyst (India)
Psycho by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Amethyst (India)
Pulp Fiction V2 by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Amethyst (India)
Rocky III by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Caroline (Germany)
Spiderman 2 by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Caroline (Germany)
The Godfather by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Caroline (Germany)
The Last Of The Mohicans by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Caroline (Germany)
Titanic by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Caroline (Germany)
Top Gun by Film Theme11/Nov/2010Cressida (Canada)
Summer Loving by Film-Grease14/Nov/2010Cressida (Canada)
TV Theme by Friends26/Nov/2010Stein (Russian Federation)
Scooby Snacks by Fun Loving Criminals26/Nov/2010Chaney (United States)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire v1 by Granada07/Dec/2010Manjari (Germany)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire v2 by Granada07/Dec/2010Manjari (Germany)
Theme by Great Escape07/Dec/2010Manjari (Germany)
TV Theme by Hawaii 5022/Dec/2010Udolf (Japan)
Gamble Rumble by Initial D31/Dec/2010Tymon (Japan)
Gamble Rumble v2 by Initial D31/Dec/2010Caron (Austria)
Party Boy by Jackass (MTV)05/Jan/2011Aleshanee (United States)
Film Theme by James Bond 00709/Jan/2011Sterling (Poland)
Deeper Underground by Jamiroquai09/Jan/2011Madhuri (United States)
TV Theme by Knight Rider06/Mar/2011Tab (United States)
Concerning Hobbits by Lord Of The Rings27/Mar/2011Jensine (Germany)
May It Be by Lord Of The Rings27/Mar/2011Perth (Norway)
Race Of Men by Lord Of The Rings27/Mar/2011Natsuko (Japan)
The Bridge Of Khazad Dum by Lord Of The Rings (Main Theme)30/Mar/2011Galeno (Netherlands)
Jackass by MTV04/Apr/2011Ernestine (Mexico)
Underpants by MTV04/Apr/2011Bubby (Sweden)
Intel Pentium by Message Alert05/May/2011Buckelberry (United States)
The Little Mermaid by Message Alert05/May/2011Dancey Pants (Denmark)
The Saint by Message Alert05/May/2011Dancey Pants (Denmark)
X-Files by Message Alert05/May/2011Dancey Pants (Denmark)
Exorcist Theme(Tubular Bells) by Mike Oldfield13/May/2011Kid Friday (Spain)
Gremlins by Movie Theme23/May/2011Geoffrey (Finland)
Australia by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Bettina (France)
Canada by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Ernest (Denmark)
China by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Ernest (Denmark)
France by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Zebina (Australia)
Ireland by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Zebina (Australia)
Italy by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Claiborne (France)
Labanon by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Nandita (Mexico)
New Zealand by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Nandita (Mexico)
Portugal by National Anthem03/Jun/2011Leo (France)
Russia by National Anthem03/Jun/2011sexy boo (France)
USA by National Anthem06/Jun/2011India (Germany)
Basketball Advert by Nike14/Jun/2011Panthea (Canada)
The Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene07/Jul/2011Handsome (Canada)
Big Brother (Element 4) by Paul Oakenfold16/Jul/2011Vaisakhi (United States)
Phoenix Nights by Peter Kay21/Jul/2011Rush (United States)
Film Theme by Pulp Fiction04/Aug/2011Shea (Germany)
Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior12/Aug/2011Tori (Canada)
Theme by Rockford Files27/Aug/2011Bethany (France)
Gonna Fly Now by Rocky27/Aug/2011Bethany (France)
Eye Of The Tiger by Rocky Theme27/Aug/2011Bethany (France)
Chemical Plant by Sonic 3D09/Oct/2011Halima (Norway)
Rusty Ruin Zone by Sonic 3D09/Oct/2011Halima (Norway)
Wacky Workbench Past by Sonic 3D09/Oct/2011Botan (Italy)
TV Theme by South Park12/Oct/2011Maitland (France)
Imperial March by Star Wars14/Oct/2011bae =) (Germany)
Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor24/Oct/2011Elma (Netherlands)
24 CTU Ringtone by TV Theme26/Oct/2011Odetta (Finland)
24 Theme by TV Theme26/Oct/2011Odetta (Finland)
Addams Family by TV Theme27/Oct/2011Odetta (Finland)
Big Brother (Break) by TV Theme27/Oct/2011Tushar (Germany)
Bullseye by TV Theme27/Oct/2011Kuhuk (China)
CSI Crime Scene Investigation by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Corliss (France)
Captain Pugwash by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Packard (Turkey)
Little Britain by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Talasi (Sweden)
Max And Paddy by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Talasi (Sweden)
Neon Genesis Evangelion by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Talasi (Sweden)
Only Fools And Horses by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Talasi (Sweden)
Pop Idol by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Talasi (Sweden)
Scooby Doo V2 by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Shana (Poland)
Six Feet Under by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Eugenia (United States)
Sonic SATAM by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Fielding (United States)
The Simpsons by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Fielding (United States)
Winnie The Pooh V2 by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Diamanta (Ukraine)
Zelda V2 by TV Theme30/Oct/2011Pauravi (United States)
Under The Sea by The Little Mermaid15/Nov/2011Prabodh (United States)
20th Century Fox by Theme29/Nov/2011Chaim (Poland)
Aeris by Theme29/Nov/2011Linus (Italy)
Animaniacs by Theme29/Nov/2011Zaira (United States)
Austin Powers by Theme29/Nov/2011Bingham (United States)
Battlestar Galatica by Theme29/Nov/2011HALIMAW (Poland)
Baywatch by Theme29/Nov/2011HALIMAW (Poland)
Braveheart by Theme29/Nov/2011HALIMAW (Poland)
Charlie's Angel by Theme29/Nov/2011HALIMAW (Poland)
Cheers by Theme29/Nov/2011HALIMAW (Poland)
Coca Cola by Theme29/Nov/2011HALIMAW (Poland)
Coca Cola V2 by Theme29/Nov/2011Dyami (Japan)
Dangermouse by Theme29/Nov/2011Tyson (United States)
Digimon by Theme29/Nov/2011Ina (Slovakia)
Dr Robotnik by Theme29/Nov/2011Ina (Slovakia)
Family Guy by Theme29/Nov/2011Ina (Slovakia)
Flash Dance by Theme29/Nov/2011Ina (Slovakia)
Full Monty by Theme02/Dec/2011Ina (Slovakia)
Futurama by Theme02/Dec/2011Falgun (United States)
Gillian Island by Theme02/Dec/2011Tessa (Poland)
Halloween by Theme02/Dec/2011sweet angel baby (South Africa)
Home Improvement by Theme02/Dec/2011Yoshiyuki (France)
Italian Job by Theme02/Dec/2011Nash (Mexico)
King Of The Hill by Theme02/Dec/2011Woody (Sweden)
Little Mermaid by Theme02/Dec/2011Buttonz (France)
Looney Toons by Theme02/Dec/2011Buttonz (France)
Mcdonalds Song by Theme02/Dec/2011Buttonz (France)
Mortal Kombat by Theme02/Dec/2011Buttonz (France)
Muder She Wrote by Theme02/Dec/2011Carlton (France)
Peewees Big Adventure by Theme02/Dec/2011Euphemia (United States)
Pink Panther by Theme02/Dec/2011Euphemia (United States)
Pink Panther V2 by Theme02/Dec/2011Euphemia (United States)
Pokemon Red by Theme02/Dec/2011Euphemia (United States)
Power Rangers by Theme02/Dec/2011Wyome (Norway)
Red Dwarf by Theme02/Dec/2011Priya (France)
Saved By The Bell by Theme03/Dec/2011Priya (France)
Spongebob Squarepants by Theme03/Dec/2011Joan (Iran)
Star Trek by Theme03/Dec/2011Mukul (United States)
Star Wars by Theme03/Dec/2011Galatea (United States)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Theme03/Dec/2011Sarngin (Poland)
The Grinch by Theme03/Dec/2011Sarngin (Poland)
The Magnificent 7 by Theme03/Dec/2011Miss. Cali Sunshine (United States)
The Magnificent 7 V2 by Theme03/Dec/2011Miss. Cali Sunshine (United States)
Waltzing Matilda by Theme03/Dec/2011Miss. Cali Sunshine (United States)
Waltzing Matilda V2 by Theme03/Dec/2011Seiichi (Kazakhstan)
Zippidy Doo Da by Theme04/Dec/2011Nikunj (Italy)
Joe 90 by Theme Tune04/Dec/2011Vasant (France)
Rugrats by Theme Tune04/Dec/2011Jean (Poland)
Theme by Tomb Raider04/Dec/2011Chhavvi (United States)
Film Theme by Toy Story08/Dec/2011Denise (Germany)
Bewitched by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Kegan (Germany)
Blackadder by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011cutie bear (Russian Federation)
Bonanza by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Donata (France)
Dawsons Creek by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011snuggle bug (United States)
Faulty Towers by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Mara (Canada)
Final Countdown by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Elissa (Brazil)
Happy Days by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011pappee (Finland)
Knight Rider by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Lisette (Ireland)
Love Boat by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Smith (Canada)
Muppet Show by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Kiona (Canada)
Neighbours by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Kiona (Canada)
Popeye by Tv Theme11/Dec/2011Kiona (Canada)
Rhubarb by Tv Theme14/Dec/2011Kiona (Canada)
Seinfeld by Tv Theme14/Dec/2011Bali (Taiwan)
Sopranos by Tv Theme14/Dec/2011Bali (Taiwan)
Winnie The Pooh by Tv Theme14/Dec/2011Prewitt (France)
Champions League Theme by UEFA20/Dec/2011Baako (United States)
Air Wolf by Unknown22/Dec/2011Ademia (United States)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents by Unknown22/Dec/2011Ademia (United States)
Angel Theme by Unknown22/Dec/2011Raizel (Germany)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Unknown23/Dec/2011Zahara (France)
Fraggle Rock by Unknown23/Dec/2011Main Squeeze (South Africa)
Grange Hill by Unknown23/Dec/2011Alita (Italy)
Last Night On by Unknown23/Dec/2011Adoncia (Canada)
Scooby Doo by Unknown26/Dec/2011Fleta (Spain)
Sesame Street by Unknown26/Dec/2011Fleta (Spain)
Superman by Unknown27/Dec/2011Eilis (Philippines)
Terminator Theme by Unknown29/Dec/2011Pranati (France)
The A-Team by Unknown29/Dec/2011Satyen (Switzerland)
The Matrix by Unknown29/Dec/2011Tinkerbabe (United States)
Thomas The Tank Engine by Unknown29/Dec/2011Tinkerbabe (United States)
Transformers by Unknown29/Dec/2011Tinkerbabe (United States)
Twilight Zone by Unknown29/Dec/2011Tinkerbabe (United States)
Willy Fogg by Unknown30/Dec/2011Bernadette (United States)
Police Squad by Viper24/Jan/2012Skeet (Germany)
Sex And The City by Viper24/Jan/2012Skeet (Germany)
Sex And The City V2 by Viper27/Jan/2012Skeet (Germany)
The Bill by Viper27/Jan/2012Skeet (Germany)
The Great Escape by Viper27/Jan/2012Spoilt Royalty (Canada)
The Great Escape Version 2 by Viper27/Jan/2012Lorna (France)
Booker T Entrance Theme by WWE30/Jan/2012Hamal (Austria)
Just Close Your Eyes (Christian Waterproof Blonde) by WWE30/Jan/2012Watson (Romania)
Big Bossman Theme by WWF Theme06/Feb/2012Berta (China)
Kurt Angel by WWF Theme06/Feb/2012Berta (China)
Stone Cold by WWF Theme06/Feb/2012Berta (China)
TV Theme by X Files17/Feb/2012Yazid (Canada)

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